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Realone Business School is established to nurture creative thinkers who want to transform new ideas into reality. We provide a conducive learning environment for our students to learn, experiment, and network with influencers, We support our students during and after their programmes to ensure they get great value for their time.

Realone Business School is a Registered School in Nigeria. Approved to teach advanced courses that are relevant in today’s business world. Our programs are accurate and detailed, tutored by professionals with a proven track record of success within the course industry they tutor at RealOne Business School.

When you learn from someone who is doing the same business you are about to venture, then your success is guaranteed. This makes us one of the best business schools in Africa.

Our success is measured by the reward our students achieve by applying the principles we teach at Realone Business School, we are a result-oriented school that goes the extra mile to help students derive their expected result for attending our school.

To empower our students with strategies that will add value to their industries and connect with influencers around the world for better business performance.

To build a business school that ranks among the highest achieving academic institutions in the world.

To solidify our student’s self-esteem and self-worth to enhance productivity, to promote a healthy lifestyle and physical and mental well- being.

To help companies and start-ups expand their business through educational programs that are relevant in today’s world of doing business and also to build leaders who will build the future.

We make learning interesting and enjoyable by provide a rich educational structure through innovative teaching using the latest technology.

  • Serene Environment, conducive for learning
  • Large Parking Space
  • Air Conditioned Classroom
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Internet
  • Maximum Security
  • Twenty-First Century Learning Experience
No 1 Business School In Nigeria

Realone Business School

We are an advanced learning institute, with a focus on helping out students become a better version of themself, see opportunities in every challenge and take advantage of such opportunities to maximize profit.