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Discover Your Life Purpose

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Author: Ajibola Rilwan

Publisher: Realone Business School

Discover Your Life Purpose

A lot of people copy others in life, engage themself with activities that do not align with their destiny.

Your friend works with an insurance company, you also want to work with an insurance company, when it’s so clear that if a man who is destined to become a furniture maker forces himself into the banking industry, he will cause disaster. He is likely not to enjoy his job because he is doing it to earn a living and not to fulfill his destiny.

We all have different purposes in life, some people are born to become a bricklayer, some carpenter, a plumber and so on. When all of these people work together, they will erect a building.

That’s how things work, and that’s the only way we can make the world united.

People position themself where they don’t belong and end up delivering poor services, making it hard for others to get good value for their money.

Meanwhile, your instinct never stops telling you that you are doing the wrong thing, but because you don’t know the next move that will bring you closer to your destiny, you choose to accept it as your faith and continue to struggle through life.

That shouldn’t be you.

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