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Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence 3.0 Certification Course

This course will teach you how to make yourself likable by everyone so you can always get whatever you need.

The ultimate rule for success is building and maintaining a healthy relationship with people who can help.

Ralph Lauren, founder of polo said ”Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill that has helped us increase sales as we get to understand what our customers what and we were able to give it to them. This has contributed largely to the success of our company”.

Grant Cardone’s slogan is “who’s get my money?” Whatever you aspire in life, other people have it and the only way to get it from them is by building a healthy relationship through Emotional Intelligence.

Ngozi Adaeze is an attendee of our  Emotional Intelligence course, she said “I am glad I signed up for this course, as I get to understand my true identity, improve on my strength and manage my weakness to my advantage. This course thought me human behavior and how people want to be treated.

Once you are able to make people feel good, they will be willing to share whatever they have with you. Now, I can confidently step out knowing that I will get whatever I set my mind upon.”

In this course, you will learn how to work with intelligence within your emotions, become a better communicator and maximize your potentials.

What you will learn

1. Self-Awareness: Understand yourself deeply and be committed to your own growth and development.

2. Communication: Delivering clear and respectful communication, to be calm during offensive emotional reactions of others and to discover the underlying causes of a person’s reactions. To help you influence others, solve problems, and maintain healthy relationships.

3. Leadership: Be able to share ideas openly and honestly to increase respect from others and motivate your groups to discharge their responsibilities accurately.

4. Change: Influence changes that will improve your business and life quality.

5. Teamwork: Effectively manage a large number of people with different behavioral background, influence and unite them to work diligently to achieve your goal.

6. Culture: Cultivating an environment of support and mutual benefit where everyone respects and trusts one another, establish goodwill among company members and teams.

7. Compassion: Connect with people emotionally to increase understanding.

8. Motivation: Become optimistic and not easily derailed when facing a challenge, work harder with a healthy mindset, and persevere in the face of obstacles.

9. Productivity: Be driven by a sense of ambition to be successful no matter what the situation. Focus on purpose and process when things get tough.

10. Relationships: Build a better relationship to encourage people to support your needs to aid quality results.

Who should attend

Business executives/CEOs/Chairman
Political leaders
Team and group leaders
Sales & Marketing Managers
Network Marketers
Aspiring leaders

What you will get

Training Materials

Date: Mon. 1 – 3 Feb. 2021
Time: 10 am – 12 pm (each day)
Venue: 14a Bayo Dejonwo Street, Maryland 100211, Lagos

Course Fee: N80,000

Inquiries: Call or WhatsApp: 0913 117 2933 Mobile: 09152371278

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