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The talk of the town graduation ceremony that took place in Abuja on the 4th of June 2008 didn’t just fizzle away. Some of the lessons include that of two of its graduating students that were childhood friends (John and Peter).

John and Peter lived in the same compound as a child, studied at the same university, graduated the same year and both agreed to learn fashion design to help them create a career path for themself.

They were among the graduating students at this historical graduation ceremony.

After the graduation ceremony, they both set out in search of greener pastures. John decided to open his fashion outfit in Abuja while Peter chose to relocate to Lagos. These two friends are good at what they do, they understand how to make attractive dresses that fit and they are both confident in themselves that they will succeed.

But due to life’s huzzle and buzzle, they both lost contact 2 years after Peter left for Lagos. They didn’t get to hear from each other until Oct. 16th 2021 when a reunion party was organised by some of their colleagues.

Finally, these two friends had the opportunity to meet again, they were both married with kids and they are both happy.

But there was a difference. 

John who was based in Abuja has been able to acquire a large share of the fashion market in Abuja having 6 offices with over 70 staffs while Peter who chose to relocate to Lagos is struggling to meet up with his customer’s demand.

His staff are not consistent, at times they get careless with expensive dresses and get it damaged. Peter has to repay or compensate such customers. It has not been an interesting journey for Peter and he didn’t know how best he could help himself.

What do you think could have made such a difference for two friends with the same professional skills, well trained and competent about their skills, yet one becomes so successful while the other struggles to survive?

That was the same question Peter asked himself when he got to know about John’s success. Luckily for him, he found the answer when they both sat down for a tête-à-tête.

The difference was that John did not settle for the knowledge they both acquired; instead, he started investing in online courses and programs in business management, team building and entrepreneurship. That made the entire difference for him.

He was able to learn and understand how to build a team of employees that are loyal, accountable and committed to helping him build his business so he can focus on growing and expanding his business.

When you learn how to do something, you will gain knowledge about that subject and you will excel at it. 

Many businesses have grown to become successful and need to expand by opening multiple branches but lack of trust among employees is preventing such businesses from expanding.


Growing and expanding a business could be challenging if you don’t have adequate knowledge on how to grow and expand your business, yet it could become so easy when you have the right knowledge about the steps that will help you grow and expand your business.

As a business owner, it’s important you separate yourself from your business so you can have time for people and things that matters to you, most especially so that you can have time to expand your business and open more branches.

This course presents to you the required knowledge to help you grow and expand your business using basic principles that are effective, detailed and explanatory. These principles have helped grow and expand many businesses and will help transform your business too, when you implement the strategies described in this course.

In this course, you will learn and understand…

  • How to structure your business for growth
  • Working environment culture that enhance productivity
  • How to motivate your team to become more productive
  • How to inspire your team to become accountable for their entire actions
  • How to make your team become passionate about helping you build your business
  • How to create a salary structure that enhance productivity
  • How to expand your business and open multiple branches


This course is available for instant download and its priced at #6800 (six thousand eight hundred naira) only. 

If you are genuinely passionate about growing and expanding your business, then this is a course that has helped transform many businesses and will definitely transform your business too, when you take step towards investing #6800 in a course that will help transform your business, increase your profit and also expand your business. 

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