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It’s important you identify your position within the market place of your industry, this will help you know your real value and worth among your competitors, so you can keep improving on your craft.

Now that you understand your product’s features and benefits and how to pitch them to your prospect. Its time to find out who your competitors are, what feature and benefit do they portray and why do people buy from them. you can find out about all of this by visiting their websites, visit their social media pages, google them to find out what people are saying about them, check their review pages to see customers feedback.

Their advertisement will give you more insight into how they position them-self, you can also buy and use their product to find out how it works, you also get to know if they truly deliver the value they promise their customers? And what makes your product better.

Most times when I am invited to speak at an event where other sales experts were also invited. If any of the speakers announce to sell their sales course to the audience, I’m usually the first person to signal that I’m interested.

Why I’m I doing this? Because I want to know the kind of content other sales trainers are selling to the people. This strategy has made me study the best selling sales course from world legends like Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Dan Lok among others and that is why I could create a detailed sales training that cut across traditional selling and online selling in just one course.

And that’s because I’m always eager to get better, so I never stop learning.

There are 2 major manufacturers in my city and they both manufacture almost the same products. Mr. A’s product is known by the public as the best products in the market while Mr. B’s product is not as accepted by the public as Mr. A’s product.

In other, for Mr. B to scale up his business, he had to move close to Mr. A and become his friend, not just his friend but a close friend and this gives him the opportunity to gain insight into Mr. A’s business models not in details but little enough to help him scale up his business.


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