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The greatest discovery in life is self-discovery. Until you discover yourself, you will always struggle through your daily activities.

Things will work in your favor because you have discovered yourself.

Some people are lucky to find their passion at a very young age and they got the needed support from family, sibling, and friends, but some are not that lucky, their family sees their passion as a distraction to their education, and they were being prevented from improving on their talents.

By the time they become an adult, they already forgot about the treasure that lies within them, they lost their passion due to circumstances that are out of control for them. So they end up living their life based on what’s available and not what they truly deserve.

Every Individual is created with an inbuilt talent that is capable of helping him live the life of his dreams.

It’s obvious that the talent for Mr. A is likely to be different from Mr. B wish might be different from Mr. C, but the few guys who are able to discover themselves were able to maximize their talent to the fullest and convert it into a high paying job so they don’t have to struggle through life.

When you look at these guys, you see that they are making a lot of money. Apart from making money, they enjoy their life to the fullest because their job is fun, its as if they are having fun and getting paid for it, and this makes them successful.

These guys were able to discover themself, you also need to discover the hidden treasure that lies within you, convert it into a high paying job so that you don’t end up working in an organization you don’t like just because of the pay.

Let me tell you about my self-discovery…

I didn’t just start creating audio programs, writing books, or coaching. I was able to discover myself at an early stage, I am a kind of person when I talk to people, their lives change, I found out that I’m able to provide tips that help people solve their problems and this is one of my talents.

Growing up as a kid there are a few things I have tried in terms of experimenting ideas and they are things I really love to do.

One of them is engineering, I love to study the machines to understand how it works, create an idea on how to invent new machines.

I remember during my primary school days, I invented a boat using a sardine can, rotor, and some batteries, although it wasn’t too perfect, but it worked and I was very happy to have attempt something.

That is one of many inventions I attempt growing up as a kid. I like to invent, I think of an idea and find ways to implement it. I am used to asking myself questions like how does this thing work or how can I make it work better.

stand out

I always find a way to stand out especially when you are unable to prove to me reasons why I should follow your trend and of what benefit it will be to people around me.

You can tell me that, hey dude! you need to do this thing this way, and I will ask you why? If I don’t understand your reasons to the extent that I need to buy into your idea, I will only tell you okay. And the next time I need to do it, I will do it my way. But if you have a concrete reason why I should buy into your idea, and you made me understand that following your idea will add value to me and people around me, then I will follow your idea and even promote your idea, tell the world about my new discovery.

You need to make me understand why I should do something, not how I should to it, just tell me why, and I will find a way to do it.

I discovered myself at a very young age, up to the extent that when I was in secondary school, I attended a public school and the system was that the senior student during my time manipulates the junior student, they do all kinds of crazy things to punish the junior students. At times they draw a car on the ground and write Bus Stop in front of it and tell a junior student to push the car to the bus stop which is impossible.

Or give you an equivalent of 1$ and ask you to buy items worth 10$, which they know the money they gave you cant buy what they told you to buy, so they do a lot of crazy things to manipulate the junior students.

school life

Many of my friends use to say, that when they get to senior class the junior in school then will experience hell, they will make life miserable for them because that was what the senior students did to us and when we all got to the senior class they fulfill their promise.

We are being assigned to take care of the junior students so they don’t make noise during their free time. My friends usually go with different sizes of cane and beat the hell out of the junior students, most times, I feel pity for them.

But when I have to go, I go with chalks and a duster, my best subject was mathematics so I start teaching them mathematics. This made the student love me so much and when I tell them not to disturb the school with noise, they all keep calm and get busy.

I am a born teacher, then I went for training to improve my teaching skills and how I can monetize my skills. But I am a born teacher, It’s not a skill I acquired as an adult. I have been teaching since when I was a boy and when I talk to people, their life change because I don’t accumulate garbage. Things that are not realistic I don’t believe it, and I talk to people based on my belief.

My belief is strong, positive, and pure, so when you implement my solutions, you will get positive results because I consume only positive information.

As a Capricorn, some of the things I could do successfully include engineering, teaching, and I could have been a lawyer but growing up as a child, what I see lawyers do is, they go to court and defend cases. So I said to myself that, what if I’m in court to speak again some gang of criminals or harm robbers and the following day, they come after me.

I will be scared and have to be running around, I won’t be free. That was the major reason why I didn’t choose to become a lawyer, but things have changed now, some lawyers hardly go to court, they focus on business law and property law.

Growing up as a child in my house, I use to attempt to fix our electronics when it has some fault. Most times, I get beaten for doing that but I still go back and do the same thing because that is where my passion lies.

I know one thing for sure that I won’t be a good employee because when you tell me to do something and you don’t back it with reasonable points, I won’t do it and my boss won’t like that because most people only give instructions without giving reasons. If I don’t understand or believe in something, I won’t attempt it.

At my early stage in life, I started creating ways to make money for myself.

I love creativity, I love to create things that will add value to people around me. When I was in secondary school I was making hand made greeting cards and I sell to my friends.

I actually made a good income from the hand made greeting cards because it’s customized and my school mate love to present it to themselves as gifts during birthday, valentine, Xmas, new year or during any special occasion.

And luckily for me, my mom has a book shop so I don’t pay for most of the items I use, I just pick from her shop and I’m good to go.

The reason why I finally settle down for teaching is that I discover that if I fix myself in any of these other categories, I know I will do wonderfully well but people need information.

The reason why my country Nigeria is in a mess is that most people are not informed, even the politicians (with due respect) they still need to learn. Politicians go into politics without leaning, they don’t go for training or attend courses on how to rule, how to govern, they just go in power and do what they feel is right wish might not be right. I’m saying this with due respect and no string attached to it, just for learning purposes only.

If politicians learn and understand how to govern I’m sure their performance would have been excellent.

Nigeria would have gone far ahead of the way it is at present and even the citizens know little to nothing about themself, their country, or things that matter. So lack of information is making people suffer.

Since I have this talent, why don’t I use it to help my country and the world at large by proving helpful tips that can help people get better in their personal lives and in business.

If I happen to be a footballer, I would probably become a Mercy, if I happen to be a musician I would probably become a 2face even within my industry I am one of the best because I was able to convert my talent into a high paying job and I love what I do, that’s why I get better every day.

I have been able to discover myself and it’s making me proud, the only way to become successful and live a healthy life is to be passionate about what you do.

I was talking to a lady the other day, she trains kids on how to dance salsa and berlin so she was using a place that was not too conducive for her and she doesn’t know how to expand her business.

I know her area so I told her about a hotel close to here house, I have been to the hotel and I know they have a gym. I encourage her to talk to the management of the gym using a particular formula. She said she doesn’t have money that she can’t afford to pay for a place like that.

It’s actually a 3-star hotel.

I told her that she might not even need to pay. Go and talk to them using this strategy, this lady went and she got the place, she actually paid but she was paying what she could afford, the amount was highly discounted for her and she never thought she could achieve that, but because I gave her the concept and encouraged her to go.

I was talking to another lady that works with a company that installs telecommunication mass.

The team of the company hardly stay in Lagos, they travel all over Nigeria to work. Such a company usually goes to bid for contracts and when they win, the team will be on-site which could be in any part of Nigeria so this lady, the receptionist is the only person at the office and clients don’t come.

So when this lady gets to work, she opens the office and after a while, she gets bored being the only person at the office, the office is in a complex so she walks around the complex trying to help people solve problems.

During our conversation, I asked if she works with the woman, she said no, is she your mom, no, your anty, no, you live together, no. so what tha hell are you doing here?

She said her office is upstairs so she explained the situation, telling me that the team of her company are hardly around and clients don’t come, she just sits there feeling bored so she walks around trying to help people. I said wow! you are such a nice lady.

But why don’t you try to make extra money why you are doing this? So I was trying to educate her on things she could do and she said she is a trained dressmaker but she would love to work as an apprentice for a little while before setting up her own brand, so she can gain more experience and learn new things.

So I encouraged her to start making moves towards that direction. I also encouraged her to make some cloth for herself and wear more of her own products instead of buying ready-made dresses. if she makes them well people will appreciate it and some people will want her to make dress for them.

There are two fashion designers in the same complex, I encouraged here to join one of them, anyone she feels comfortable with.

The dressmaker she approached was happy to have here on board because she was short of staff and was finding a way to get an apprentice. So she was highly welcomed and started working immediately, all of these happened within a week.

Now, she has her job with the mass installation company, she has a side hustle as an apprentice with the fashion designer and even made some clothes for herself so people stats giving her clothes to sew for them.

This lady never stops thanking me because I help her triple her income within one week. I can go on with testimonies of people that I have talked to and their lives changed. So I know vividly that what I should be doing is teaching people how they can get better in business and personal life.

I have discovered myself and its working for me, I understand that some people might have a hobby or talents that seems impossible to convert into a job, no matter how funny your hobby is you can convert it into a high paying job.

For the fact that your hubby sounds funny is an advantage for you because people with such a hobby will never think of making it a job.

Because you make it a job, you will be the first service provider within that industry and if you are able to market yourself, you will make a lot of money. Before other people realize what was happening you are made already.

I was talking to one guy the other day, he actually sighed up for my coaching program so he came around and we are talking.

He is not doing well, his boss does not like him, and his life sucks, this guy is not happy with his present situation and wants a way out, so that he can do something that will make him happy.

For me to assist him further, I asked what his hobbies where and this guy said he has no hobby. I know that’s impossible, there is no one without hobbies. So I try to help him identify his hobbies by asking him about the things he loves to do for fun. And he said sleeping, he sleeps a lot especially at work and that was the reason his boss is mad at him.

He was not supposed to be in a paid job, he is supposed to find ways to make money his hobby, which is sleeping.

He was surprised when I told him he could make money from sleeping. So he asked, how one can possibly make money from sleeping?

I try to make him understand that he can make money from sleeping and I guide him towards achieving that. People make money by helping others solve problems. The woman selling food is helping people self a problem, the man who makes shoes is helping people solve a problem and they are getting paid in returns.

That means you know something they don’t know and they will be willing to pay you if you can provide the solutions that help you sleep.

I told him to take notice of the stages before he falls asleep especially at the point when he finally sleeps.

How you position himself, his breathing level, and so on. If there are foods that make people sleep, learn about them. Once you are able to note all of these stages, find a way to market yourself to people who can’t sleep.

Firstly look for someone who is finding it difficult to sleep, provide your solutions to him, if it helps him sleep then you are in business, start selling it to people who can’t sleep, find a way to communicate to them, tell them you can help them sleep.

Many rich men don’t sleep and the major reason is that they have a lot of businesses, they have lots of people and activities they attend to.

Even when they want to sleep, that’s when their phone will ring, they need to talk to someone, then they will think of a business transaction they need to conclude the next day. So, many rich men find it hard to sleep.

Your job is to provide them with tips that can help them sleep. You could use a concept like… Sir the reason why you don’t sleep is that you worry yourself a lot, you need to create time to sleep and within that time you need to switch off your phones, you need to drink chilled water to keep you relaxed before going to bed, probably you might need to eat some certain foods that will help you sleep.

As I talk to you, this guy now has a blog where he talks about sleeping and he is making tangible income, from a hobby that seems impossible to make money from and there is nothing in the world that is impossible.

If the Wright brothers could think of creating an instrument that can fly over the sky to transport people from one location to the other when something similar has never existed and they were able to make it a reality.

It could have been impossible but they did it, so I don’t believe in impossibility, everything is possible. People might not have found a solution to it yet, I agree with that. But being impossible is impossible.

Discover yourself and find a way to make money from your passion so that you don’t live your entire life doing things you don’t like.

For you to discover yourself and be able to take advantage of your new discovery, there are 3 things you need to do

1) Identify your talents and hobbies, pick your most favorite and be willing to make it your job
2) Train yourself to become better at it
3) Learn how to monetize your new discovery

An effective way to discover yourself is to list out things you love to do, in most cases, these are activities you don’t get paid for but it gives you joy. You might need to talk to a coach so he can help you further and guide you through how you can monetize your new discovery.


Dream big and never let small minds convince you that your dreams are out of reach, it might be out of reach for them but not you, that’s why it’s your dream, not theirs.

It’s your dream, you are the only person capable of making it a reality, no one will chase it for you, no one will support you especially at the early stage. Your environment will discourage you, your friends will tell you a thousand reasons why you can’t make it happen.

Make your dream a reality

How much are you paid to give up on your dreams? How much does your dream truly worth and when are you going to stop forcing yourself to fit into that category you don’t belong and start focusing on your dreams?

Many dreams where shot dead when people focus on their past mistakes, weakness, disabilities, discouragement, or even divorce, don’t let all of that steal your dreams. Aim at it, get up and get going towards the direction that can help you achieve your dreams.

We all have the opportunity to decide how far we go in life and that’s because nature has a way of helping us attract our wishes and desires according to our thinking ability.

I want you to answer this question with honesty.

The question is, how much do you need to consider yourself successful?

And the options are…

  1. $100,000 (Its a lot of money, you know? and you can do a lot with this amount)
  2. $500,000
  3. $1,000,000
  4. $100,000,000
  5. $1,000,000,000

What was your answer?

And why do you choose the amount you have chosen?

The truth is that if you have chosen bellow $1,000,000,000 then your dream is not big enough, come on dude you have better options, so why settle for less?

The least amount is $100,000 which comes with an encouragement message. Choosing that option will make you look not being greedy, which is true, and you agree with me that you can actually do a lot of great things with such amount of money but choosing $1,000,000,000 does not make you greedy.

Instead, you just signal to mother nature that you’re worth much more than $100,000.

For the fact that you are courageous enough to have chosen $1,000,000,000, means you are telling the nature that you need more, so you can do more great things in life.

The man who chooses $100,000 is telling nature that he is not ready to do much, he just wants to make a little contribution in life and all he needs is little.

Refuse to settle for anything less than your worth, make better choices, the choices you make will determine what you get in life.

Let me share this short story with you…

A wealthy man was on his sickbed observing his last moment in life. This man was an orphan, raised by an orphanage home, he struggled so hard and achieve great success but this man has no child of his own.

Before he died, he settled everyone around him according to their contribution towards his success in life then he called on his two most loyal servants and asked: “if you were to request anything from me, what would that be?”

The first servant said he wants 10 male camel and 10 female camels so he can establish himself and start his own camel business.

The second servant said he wants all the camel that will remain after the first servant has taken his 10 male and 10 female camels, so that he can continue with his master’s legacy, protect his establishment and prevent it from being perished. And the master gave to them according to their request.

This comes with relentless efforts and sacrifices, if you are willing to pay the price for your dreams then it becomes a reality.

And what are the prices?

1) You need to have a goal – what do you want to be remembered for?

2) Be determined and be committed to excellence – Set your mind at achieving success and never give up until you achieve your goal.

3) Mental preparation – Your mind is a powerful element that determines who you become. The kind of thought that runs through your mind determines the kind of person you will become. If you keep a healthy mindset that consumes positive thoughts, it will produce positive results. And if you worry about negative activities, it will manifest. So make a better choice for yours.

4) Consistency – without being consistent, you will never finish whatever you start, so do what you are passionate about and keep doing it. A master is someone who knows only one move and practices it a thousand time and an armature is someone who knows a thousand moves but practices it one time.

5) Learn from the World’s Most Successful People

Remember, to get something you never had, you need to do something you never did. Life is like the game of boxing, you get hit many times and at times the hit drops you down on the ground, its your choice to decide whether to remain on the ground, loss the match or you get up and hit back.

You are the most dangerous enemy to your dreams because only you have the authority to decide when to quit. All you need is to get out of your comfort zone and take chances.

Nelson Mandela said, there is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of leaving.

Its a long saying that, when you hang around the barbers shop long enough, sooner you are going to get your hair cut. If you have to fail, fail big, and fail forward.

People don’t remember your failure once you achieve one major success.

The world is not interested in you, what people need from you is what you are carrying, your talents, your ability to do things. And if you don’t bring into existence what you are carrying, the world will ignore you.

Who are the people in your life

What are you going to do with what you have, some people have money, some have love, some have patience, some strength to keep going no matter how tough things become. Our life is like that of a beautifully manufactured piano with the ability to make a great melody. But take note that the piano might produce a good sound or a horrible sound, it all depends on the hand that plays it. Who are the people playing your life piano, what sounds does it produce are you pleased with the melody?

Who are the people in your life? are they making you or breaking you?

If you are not happy with where you are or what you do, that’s a clear sign you are living your life the wrong way, you are fighting against what God created you for.


When I say education, I don’t really mean a university degree, I mean the kind of education that is relevant in today’s business world. The education we acquire while in school is far different from the things we implement at work.

The school system does not teach how to do business or make money, it only prepares you for the future by teaching skills like being organized, being obedient, being loyal, and some related skills but these are not high-income skills.

Real learning starts after the university degree but unfortunately, most adults stop learning after obtaining their university degree, and this a sure path to failure. Since the education you have can not help you make money, you are most likely to depend on people who acquire high-income skills.

Hopefully, they might employ you in their organization and teach you what you need to do for them to enable them to pay you some amount of money at the end of the month, based on your contribution to the growth of their company.

Successful people are not spirit and they are not angels. they are normal people just like everybody else but the big difference is that the successful know what an ordinary man does not know, that’s what makes him successful.

You can be more successful than the richest man in your country if you decide to keep investing in the kind of education that will add value to your business and help you grow your income.

A successful man might not even have a college degree yet he is highly educated with skills that he can implement in his business and get results.

The successful do not care how far he needs to go and learn, it could be by signing up for an online course or at a learning center, it could also be from a master somewhere who is doing his kind of business, he is always eager to learn something new.

This leads me to the next point, which is reading. You need to read a lot, readers are leaders. The more you read, the more you get exposed to new ideas, The major way to get informed is by reading.

People will hide what they know from you believing that you might steal their idea.

Even your close friends or relatives will hide what they know from you so they can remain the king and you keep going to them.

I was talking to my landlord in one of the houses I have lived, my landlord is a farmer who has hectares of farmland, I thought I could learn about farming from him so during our conversation I asked him a question. I said… sir, about how much will it cost to plant corn on 10 acres of land?

I was expecting a direct answer but my landlord diverts from the question and was talking about something else, I waited for him to finish what he was talking about and I asked him the same question, hoping he forgot what the question was.

My landlord started again and diverted into something else without answering my question. I asked him the same question 4 time and he didn’t provide an answer that could be of help to me.

So I said to myself, this is not a mistake, my landlord knows what he is doing, he is not willing to give an answer to my question.

Meanwhile, I don’t think I have asked too much, I just want to have an idea and I was expecting an approximate answer but he didn’t tell me.

He was ready to chat with me for as long as I wanted to be with him but not on subjects that could add value to me. He was only chatting me up to entertain himself. That’s exactly how secretive people are.

Discover your identity

The only way to get tangible information from a man like that is if he writes a book. He will write in his book information he wouldn’t share with you and the reason is that his book is a premium product, he wants his buyers to get value for their money and appreciate his effort so that if he writes another book, people will buy.

Lesson: Be selective about the people you go to for information, some people will open up and be willing to assist you with the information that will help you grow while others will play smart without telling you what you need to become a better person.

My secret of being at the top of my game is, I have good people around me who are willing to help me grow by sharing their information with me. And I also learn on my own, If I need to learn about a subject, I usually sign up for a minimum of 3 courses about that particular subject.

It could be an online course and it could be at a training center, so that by the time I am through with the courses, I would have gathered information from 3 different experts. Then I can shovel the information, pick the best information that aligns with my personality and work with it.


If you are not fulfilled with where you are or what you do, that’s a clear sign that you are living your life the wrong way. Its time you take a u-turn, find your purpose and follow your path. 

We will be glad to assist you further, drop your questions, requests, and opinion below and we will gladly respond to it.

We wish you the best of luck in your new discovery. 



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