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If you have ever wondered how people make money blogging in Nigeria, then you are in the right place because in the next few minutes I will share with you various monetization process and the best monetization for you.

There are many ways to make money blogging in Nigeria, some of these monetization processes require you to blog for a long while, generate massive traffic to your blog before you will be approved for monetization and such platforms include Google AdSense.

As a new blogger, it’s important to figure out a monetization process that will help you make money immediately. That’s a sure way to have an interesting journey as a blogger. Someone who quit his job to start a blogging career could hardly wait for too long to start making money from his blog or a family man with a wife and kids and has bills to pay can’t wait for months without know when his next income will come.

Making money from a new blog does not mean to sit back and wait for the money to come looking for you, you can only do that when you have lots of readers on your blog.

While getting started, you need to hustle for money and you will definitely make a lot of money. The first stage to make money from a new blog is to have a professionally designed blog, the more attractive your blog, the better for you. No one will relate to a low-quality blog when there are thousands of professional blogs on the internet that provide detailed content.

When you have an attractive blog with quality content it will be much easier to network and promote your blog and people will be willing to do business with you because they like what they see on your blog.

Some of the ways to make money from a new blog include sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are articles written with the intention of promoting a product, service, or company. It’s an indirect form of advertising that helps people understand why a product is best for them. Companies use sponsored posts to introduce a product to the market. People tend to respond to sponsored posts more than advertisements because its usually detailed and explanatory, containing lots of information about why the product is best for them.

Celebrities also use sponsored posts to create additional awareness for themselves by showcasing their new achievements, dress collections, or their latest hairstyle. As a new blogger, you don’t need to wait for people to approach you with such an offer, you need to go to them.

Tell companies about your blog, let them understand that you can help them write and publish a sponsored post on your blog. Send out proposals to companies, your proposal can be delivered via email, through social media, or by a courier delivery agent. The most important thing is to communicate with companies, explain why they need a sponsored post on your blog.

Sell Advert Space

While you wait for approval from Google AdSense for your AdSense account to start generating income, you can sell Advert space at a reduced price to family and friends and even extend that to the general public. Since your traffic is low and cant guarantee your advertiser’s massive sales then your price shouldn’t be too expensive.

Your goal is to have your first set of advertisers so that when your traffic increase and they are making more sales through their advertisement on your blog, then you can increase your advert rate. Your advertisers will be happy to have their business showcased on an attractive blog, such an experience gives joy to your advertisers, and that’s a good value for their money.

Now that you understand why your blog needs to be professionally designed and you must also publish engaging content, it helps advertisers agree to your offer and it also helps your readers keep coming back for more content on your blog.

Sell digital or physical products to your readers.

Since your advertiser’s goal is to make more sales through their advertisement on your blog, you can also sell your own products or services.

What can you do? What service can you offer to your readers?

If you think you don’t have any service you can offer then offer your blogging skills. A lot of your readers what to have a blog like you and will be willing to learn from you. Since you are blogging already and they love your blog and its contents, you will be the best person to learn from because you are in the business already so it’s obvious that you have a lot of information to share with them about blogging.

You could create an ebook or online course and sell it to your readers. You can also sell physical products but it’s important to sell a product related to your blog niche. Your readers will be more interested in products related to your blog posts. They read your blog because they are interested in your niche so any product within that niche will be a good offer for them.

The products don’t necessarily need to be produced by you and you don’t need a huge capital to stock the products. You can leverage, talk to someone that sells such products in large quantities, tell them your intention of helping them sell on your blog. All you need to achieve this is to take pictures of the products and note it’s prices, create a simple advertisement about the product, and post within the ad section of your blog.

You should also write content in form of sponsored posts to communicate the value and advantages of the product to your readers.

Organize a paid event, training, or seminars

As a blogger, you are an authority, a role model, and a celebrity. Your readers will be glad to show up for any paid event organized by you. They will love to meet with you, hear you speak, and learn from you. Your event should be focused on any topic you are good at, teach your audience any skill you know.

In the early stages, your ticket shouldn’t be too expensive so that more people can turn up for your event. Your goal is to make people turn up, once they find much value in your event they will show up for more events organized by you and encourage their friends to come to learn from you.

To help you maximize profit, your event could be organized weekly or monthly, with that you are guaranteed some income weekly or monthly. Your blog has given you a voice so people don’t need to start asking who you are, they already know you as a blogger, a celebrity and they will be happy to show up for your events.

Network with other bloggers

Networking is key in every business, it gives you the opportunity to meet with like minds, share ideas, and do business together. One of the many advantages of networking is the opportunity to get gigs like adverts, public speaking, and lots more. Most times, advertisers want their advert or sponsored post to be published on multiple blog platforms.

They approach a blogger and tell her to invite her college for the project. When you network with other bloggers you stand the chance of getting more offers and also have people to share your offer with. This will help you grow faster and make more money. Apart from the money, you also get informed about the latest blogging trends and applications to make your career more interesting.

Networking has many other benefits that I might not remember to mention in this article but one thing for sure is that you stand the chance of making more money and get informed about the latest blogging techniques and strategies.


Which of these monetization process will you like to start with, you can possibly activate all the principles mentioned in this article if you have the strength, it will surely help you increase your blog revenue and help you start making money almost immediately. With a professionally designed blog and engaging content, you can activate any of these principles. When your blog traffic increase you also increase your rates.

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