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I was in the gym with a friend who is an Orthopaedic Surgeons, during our conversation, he told me he is has a patient who is coming for surgery in the next 2 hours. I was surprised, wondering how an Orthopaedic surgeon could still be having fun in the gym just 2 hours to a surgery.

I expect him to be calm, relaxed, preparing for the surgery. Although I am aware that his hospital is about 2 min drive from the gym and he has an apartment in the staff quarters of the hospital.

Yet, he still needs to be prepared, we are talking of someone’s life here.

I had to tell him my opinion, I said “you know, I thought you should be preparing for the surgery”. He looked at me, smiled, and said. You are right, I am more than prepared for the surgery, I do this all the time, operate on 15-25 patients per week and the process has become part of me, so now, it’s as easy lacing up my shoes.

The operation is the same, the cases are the same, the only difference is the patience, they are different individuals and needed to be treated accordingly but the surgery is the same and it has become part of me.

In this short story, my Surgeons friend knows his job so well that he is so confident and proud of it, you should know your product and services so well and be proud to talk to people about it any day, any time.

For you to become proud of your product, services, or idea, you need to understand your business or products Features and Benefits so well and know when to pitch each of them to your prospect.

The feature and benefits that should be mentioned during sales are the qualities that make the product saleable or that make it stand out from its competitors.

1. Your Product Features are things your product has or is. These are typically the characteristics that make up your product which include the design, style, materials, quality, function, and capacities.

2. While Your Product Benefits are things your customers stand to gain by using your products and how your product will benefit your customers.

When it comes to selling, there are two primary approaches you can take. The first focuses on what your product or service is or does. The other focuses on how your product or service will improve its users lives.

Just because you know why your product will make your ideal customer’s life better doesn’t mean they do.

In marketing a product or service, it is often of greater importance to highlight benefits rather than the features. The benefits of a product show how it fills a customer’s need, what it can do for the customer.

For example, a cell phone’s internet connection is a feature while the speed of the connection is a benefit.

Let’s break this down…

Assuming you are the salesperson for a phone manufacturing company, telling your prospect that your phone has an internet connection does not sound unique to your customer because every other phone has internet connection so that does not make your product stand out. But if you say that your phone has a super-fast inbuilt internet capacity that automatically upgrade its speed to 5G and makes its connection faster than every other phone in market, then you stand a chance of making a sale because everybody wants a phone with a fast internet connection and not just a connection.

So what I stand to gain in this process as a customer is a fast internet connection, and that is good value for my money.

Another example is telling your prospect that your phone has massive inbuilt storage, that’s a feature and your prospect will not understand how massive the storage is but if you say 20GB storage for movies, music, and documents. Your prospect will understand how massive 20GB is, and this will enhance his buying decision.

Describing benefits tends to have a greater emotional impact on the customer, making them feel the need for your product.

Before creating your sales scripts, try to put yourself in the buyer’s position, and ask yourself this question, what’s in it for me?

Create your sales pitch in a way you will love a salesperson to sell your product to you. If your sales pitch attracts you and make you develop more interest in your product, then it will attract others too, and make them want to buy.

With this simple practice, it’s hard to go wrong when scripting your sales message.

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