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Public Speaking Certification Course

Overcome the fear of talking to one person or a group of people.

If you get nervous about giving presentations or leading meetings at work, this course will help you speak up powerfully when it matters most. And if your public speaking skills are holding you back in your career, this course will give you the tools you need to speak like a leader.

No matter what industry you’re in, you need to speak clearly and confidently to move your team and your career forward. Its not enough to be good at your job, its important to be able to communicate your idea to other people.

In this practical course, you’ll discover how to get your message across and influence others with presentations that make people want to listen. We’ll help you plan your next presentation step by step, from analyzing your audience and discovering your bottom line to organizing your thoughts and improving your delivery. You’ll practice speaking off the cuff and learn tools to manage your nerves under pressure.

This course focus on the essentials: no fluff, no filler.

You’ll graduate with a communication toolbox packed with practical, actionable tools you can use immediately to give more persuasive presentations, lead better sales calls, share ideas in meetings, and and get buy-in from colleagues and business partners.

Specifically, this course will help you:

  • Connect with any audience and make them care about your message.
  • Get your point across without rambling.
  • Master the art of sounding natural and conversational.
  • Organize your ideas into easy-to-remember frameworks.
  • Think and speak on your feet, even in stressful situations.
  • Influence listeners with powerful stories.
  • Make your body and voice work for you rather than against you.
  • Manage your anxiety when the pressure’s on.


What you’ll learn

  • Overcome nervousness and anxiety about speaking.
  • Project competence and confidence and command the room.
  • Use notes, cues and memory techniques so you’ll feel confident that you wont’ forget what to say.
  • Develop professional presentation skills.
  • Enhance your presentation with body language and non-verbal communication.
  • Use voice tonality and projection for emphasis.
  • Present data and complex information clearly.
  • Develop rapport and connect to your audience.
  • Break the ice and engage your audience using powerful workshop activities.
  • Use visual aids properly, including PowerPoint, flip charts, videos, and worksheets.
  • Structure an organized presentation based on your desired outcomes.
  • Target your talk to your audience.
  • Write the content for your presentation or curriculum using proven templates and blueprints.
  • Run meetings and group discussions like a pro.
  • Master the art of fielding questions from the audience.
  • How to handle difficult participants, keep them focused, and stay in control.



Training Materials

Date: Sat. Feb. 5th 2022
Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue: To be announced soon.
Course Fee: #60,000

Inquiries: Call or WhatsApp: 0913 117 2933 Mobile: 09152371278

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