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Sales Effectiveness 3.0 Online Course

According to a 2019 business report by Forbes, about 80% of businesses fail within five years due to inability to make sales.

Other factors include:

1. Poor product quality
2. Bad customer service
3. Unable to promote the product to the right customer

This course is created to provide you with clear and defined steps to understand the 3 ultimate sales process and how you can create an effective result-oriented targeted online Advertisement for your business.

The 3 ultimate sales process include:

1. Understand your product: its important to understand your product’s feature and benefits in details to help you pitch the right feature and benefit that with interest your audience.

This Course teaches simple test that will help you understand the right information that will attract your audience to make them understand that they truly need your product.

2. Identify your target audience: The worst mistake anybody in business can make, is to sell the right product to the wrong audience.

After Identifying your target audience, it’s important you group them into different groups then run a test advertisement on each group, this will help you identify the group that need your product most so that you can focus your effort towards the audience that need your product most.

This course will teach you how to identify the set of people that genuinely need your products plus how you can run a test ad to identify the group that need your product most.

3. How to create a sales-oriented advertisement for your product: The first stage to every advertisement content is the script, which is also known as copy-writing. Your script could be delivered as an article, video ad or white board presentation.

Knowing how to write a good script will help you create an advertisement that will increase your sales.

We analyze in details the 3 types of copy-writing and its elements, plus how you too can start writing advertisement script that will sell your products.

Bonus: How to create targeted Facebook advertisement.

This is a complete Sales Course that will help you become a result driven sales person.

Our mind is a powerful element that determines our success in any activity we engage, that’s why we start this course by preparing your mind towards becoming a result-driven sales person.

Maybe you are a sales or marketing executive that wants to learn a new way to drive more sales, then this course is for you.

Or you are the CEO or MD of a company and you want to be sure of which advertisement campaign will guarantee sales, we’ve got you covered in this course.

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