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Author: Ajibola Rilwan

Publisher: Realone Business School

The Ultimate Sales Formula eBook

Over the years, I have come to realize that the 2 less talked about marketing and sales principles still remain the most effective ways to market and sell a product effectively with little effort and maximum sales reward. The 2 principles include

1. Have a good product that delivers great value.
2. Build relationships with prospects and clients.

These 2 principles deliver wonders when you are being truthful to yourself while implementing them, knowing that your product will deliver the value it promises its buyers will motivate you to convince your prospects to buy your product. The first step to having a successful marketing and sales experience is to be confident that your prospect will not have any regret for buying your product.

In all honesty, no matter how much you spend advertising a bad product, it will only take one purchase for prospects to find out the true identity of the product.

Now that you are sure your product will deliver the promised value, the next step is to connect with potential buyers, build relationships with them, and treat them well. We all like to be appreciated, especially when spending money. Make them feel valued during the sales and after the sales have been made.

When your client receives an interesting buying experience plus a product that delivers results, this will keep them coming back for more and even encourage them to recommend your products.

Having said that…

There are many other marketing and sales strategies that will help turn your business into a mega money making machine and all of the major principles are explained in this book. The goal of this book is to present to you a result driven marketing and sales guide that can be implemented by anyone who is passionate about increasing his sales and growing his business.

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